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”Asked by Mc Enroe if she played tennis, Camilla, 65, said: “Oh, oh, very badly.
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Research consistently finds that health is stratified by race, ethnicity, and gender, and that romantic relationships, particularly marriage, are protective of health.

Despite increasing prevalence of interracial and inter-ethnic relationships, few studies have investigated the association between partnership exogamy and health.

I additionally examine evidence for health selection into exogamous versus endogamous relationships and the evidence for health change over time in relationships.

It was written after a funeral."It's about me thinking how difficult it must be for a parent with a child suffering from depression and addiction," Moore says from Melbourne.

"The thing that was said, by a friend of my dad's, that had stuck with me, was about how you can try your best and carry your child through all their tribulations, but in the back of your mind always having that fear that there's no way for you to possibly do enough, and one day they might just die and the whole thing is out of your control."He admits it is "heavy stuff" but says it is such subjects which spark his interest as a songwriter."I was stoked when Marlon recorded Dark Child because I think it's one of my better songs and I'm too lazy and busy to bother recording anything myself, plus he has a much bigger platform as he's always touring and working."Moore is pleased by his friend's success."It's nice when you think someone's really great then it turns out everyone else does too."In his studio in Lyttelton, a converted garage/sleepout, Edwards smiles and pats his dog, the aptly named Tui.

No less gifted than any of those was the sportswriter Jonathan Rendall, who has died aged 48. He wrote about it with a Runyonesque eye for character.

His pieces - vivid, funny, poignant - read like short stories.