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Edinburgh is a prosperous city with a higher proportion of well-educated, high-earning professional singles than anywhere else in Scotland.Approximately one quarter of Edinburgh’s population live in single-adult households, and there is a relatively low proportion of single parents in the city.Fr Eugene O’Neill said that many Catholics were questioning whether as Catholics they necessarily had to be nationalist and look to Dublin when the United Kingdom was more respectful of Christian churches.In comments backing up polls which suggest that many Catholics would now vote to retain the border, Fr O’Neill said that as an Irish passport-holder he saw the Queen and senior British government figures as defenders of faith in the UK.On Sunday morning, quite separately, we'll be talking about the age of rocks.There's been some renewed debate about the age of Ireland, and whether this island is millions of years old or merely a few thousand.

Heritage is at the heart of modern Edinburgh, and aspiration continues to drive it forward, creating a vibrant and accomplished city that is home to nearly half a million people.

By contrast, he said that the UK Government had demonstrated a respect and appreciation for the role of Christian churches which Catholics could support.

Fr O’Neill — who is a priest in the parish of St Mary’s on the Hill, a parish of 15,000 on the outskirts of north Belfast — said: “I’m 45 — for my generation of priests and everyone below us, the national question is irrelevant; literally irrelevant.

And he accused the Dublin Government of a “fairly brutal attempt” to remove control over Catholic schools in the Republic from the Catholic church as part of a wider assault by the southern state on Christianity having a role in society.“There’s a continual critique and a lack of recognition of any positive role for faiths, any positive role for the churches, not recognising the vast effort that they make in social services and the good that they do.“Something strange is going on while, at the same time, in the United Kingdom the tide is going the other way.”Fr O’Neill praised Baroness Warsi’s speech last week in the Vatican as a “really, really powerful” articulation of the role which faith can play in society.“When you read that, when you read what Cameron said, when you see how the Pope was welcomed to Britain — it was amazing — when you see that and how the British diplomatic service engage on the ground with churches, it’s telling a different story.“So I was asking myself more fundamental questions like: Why in a state whose head of state is in fact the leader of a church, the Church of England, it seems to be a more open space for faith, debate and cooperation.“Whereas in a republic it seems to be a very cold house for Catholicism and in fact Christianity, where there is a really powerful hostility, exclusion, aggression.“I also found it interesting in the last few days to see the touching of the hem of the Chinese vice-premier by Michael D Higgins who I remember as a schoolboy was out protesting against Ronald Reagan.“We know China’s human rights record — still the biggest executor in the world, oppression of massive numbers of Christians, Falun Gong or anyone opposed to them — don’t we have values beyond the economy?

”Asked whether the proposed changes to the Royal succession laws which would allow the heir to the throne to marry a Catholic were significant, Fr O’Neill said that they had little impact on those other than the Royal family and “do not affect my respect for the role of the Sovereign”.