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No matter which options you choose, a mac and cheese fundraiser is a tasty way to go.

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Besides a minority of psychologically deficient men who have a fat fetish, the world will never come around to accepting morbidly obese body types.

Have you noticed that people who are ill with long-term diseases or those facing starvation don’t have a lot of hair?

How many couples do you know where the man is shorter than the women?

Up until recently, it was a truth universally acknowledged that men sought out shorter women, while women gravitated towards taller men.

But as anyone who is vertically challenged will testify, being tall is an enviable quality.

I am a very attractive girl and I tend to meet guys easily and go on dates mostly every weekend. You’re catered to so frequently that you may lack some kindness, empathy or social grace.

My problem is that it never leads to anything more than that. You may be insecure, but people have trouble believing it. When you’re constantly put on a pedestal, it’s hard to be in sync with “normal” people. That last one is just my observation about beautiful people and doesn’t necessarily apply to you.

I surmise that hair serves as a signal to men of a woman’s fertility (the longer the better).

American woman try to make a novel out of an anecdote.