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As he tenderly cradled his daughter last night, ecstatic Scott declared: ‘She is beautiful and I feel so fortunate, and I think I am doing pretty well as a parent.’Scott has been living as a man for two years and is a patient at the gender identity clinic at Charing Cross Hospital in West London but put his transition on hold to have Sara.Proud dad Scott Parker (above) today reveals how he became the first man in Britain to have a baby.To petrolheads like Jeremy Clarkson, Wayne Rooney and David Beckham, he's a knight in shining armour.To road safety campaigners, he's a menace to society.Proud dad Scott Parker today reveals how he became the first man in Britain to have a baby.The graphic designer, who was born female 23 years ago, gave birth to daughter Sara on April 29 – almost seven weeks before Hayden Cross, who last week was reported to be the first man in Britain to give birth.On the French Right, Britain was grudgingly admired, until just a couple of years ago, for having embraced a more open, entrepreneurial and global economy.Now, even part of the French Right, even President Nicolas Sarkozy, declares that the British have taken a disastrous turning away from enterprise and manufacture towards internet gambling on a heroic scale.

The taxpayer-funded process costs an average of £29,000.

The French political classes, both Left and Right, believe that Britain is foolish to tie itself so closely to America.

Roy is a shopkeeper who'll do everything he can to satisfy Mr Mann's bizarre requests, even going so far as to shout up the stairs to Margaret (who can't come down as she has no arms or legs).

The Times just published a little blurb about British men and their um…

deficiencies last month (19/7/09): British men are among the least romantic in the world.